How to insert a lot on the platform with photos and video

Once registered you will be able to operate the Bid & Ask tool of the CBC Platform and be able to negotiate your products to purchase or sale.

Click in “I want to buy” or “I want to sell” in the main menu.

  1. Select Market’s type: Brazil Markets /Transfer Port /International Market
  2. Select Operation’s type: Compra/Venda
  3. Demand’s type: Indication of Buyer/Sell – Firm Offer/Firm bid of Buyer.
  4. Product: Insert the product you want to buy – you can select from the database already registered or write freely.
  5. Visibility:Choose “Open” for the name of your company to be visible. Choose “Confidential” for your company name to be hidden.

After choosing the product fill in the fields on the form that you think necessary.


To insert photos or videos click in the field “Media”

Photos: Click in “Choose Files” select the desired photos and enter. (see pictures below)

Video: Select the Youtube link and enter in the line described. (see pictures below)

Click “Send” – your trading is now available on the CBC screen with photo and video selected, and you are eligible to receive offers, automatically all users who have this “product of interest” in our registry receive notification about the availability of this lot.

Click the Media option:



Click “choose files” and enter up to 5 photos (referring to the advertised product)


Select a Youtube Link and paste in the highlighted line for insertion:


Click send and see how other users will see your proposal, to see the expanded photo or watch the video just click on it.

Welcome!  You have now registered with the biggest agribusiness platform.

By registering your username, you will be logged on automatically.