How to Use the Filters

When you log in, you will be directed to this trading screen.  It shows you the total number of lots available on Bid&Ask, with all the products that were input by CBC users and companies.

You can use filters to locate the product you seek, the State it is located and/or the buyers/sellers.  The product filter is on the main screen; to access the other filters, click on “Filters”.

Product:  When you input the product name, a list of products with that name will be shown.  Click on one of these products and your screen will show all the trades of the selected product (e.g., “Corn”).  You can input more than one product for a multiple search (e.g., “Corn, Soy”), and the screen will show the trades for the chosen products.

State:  When you input the State, a list of the products from that State will be shown.  You can input more than one State for a multiple search.

Buy/Sell:  Click on one of these options and the screen will show buyers only or sellers only.

You can also use filters in the other markets by clicking on the desired market.

If you no longer wish to have a filter, click on the “X” by each selected product or click on “Clean Filters” in the top right-hand corner to return to the main screen with all the products.

The Platform’s Bid&Ask allows you to trade freely through the following options:

  1. Brazil Markets: Operations in Brazilian markets.
  2. Free Alongside Ports: Trading operations in Brazilian ports. (?)
  3. International Markets: Trading operations in international markets, FOB and/or CIF.
  4. Exclusive Rooms: Environment for private use by the user and their guests.
  5. Broker’s Rooms: Environment for use by brokers, representatives and their customers.