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Brasil Fretes is a logistics market place. A start-up of the CBC economic group, it offers synergy and complementary services to CBC’s customers.

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Biofílica, a company focused on forest management and conservation, is a national reference in the Legal Reserve Compensation market and a developer of Amazon Conservation Projects (REDD+).  CBC and Biofílica believe in environmental preservation and seek to communicate the importance of regularization by rural producers and companies.  Together, they strive to call everyone’s attention to sustainable trading and production.


Canal Rural is a Brazilian channel, whose main focus is covering and offering information on agriculture and livestock farming.  Backed by its site and a structure to organize and broadcast events, the company is the main communication platform specialized in Brazil’s agribusiness.  In addition to its segmented television, it is a reference in auctions, thematic forums, news and education in the agribusiness sector; it passes on to CBC’s customers the main news in Brazilian and international agribusiness markets.

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