Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

This Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) applies to all registered Users and integrate the CBC (Central Brasileira de Comercialização – CBC Ltda.) Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy contains clear and complete information about the collection, use, storage, processing and protection of the personal data of CBC users and visitors, in order to demonstrate complete transparency on this important matter.

CBC takes precautions and acts cautiously to protect all the information given to them by using efficient computer security mechanisms.

CBC, due to the nature of services provided, collects and, in some cases, reveals information of its users and visitors related to registration data and access records to the site to third parties such as – not limited to – companies of its economic group, business partners, Intellectual Property Protection Program members, authorities and natural or legal persons who claim to have been harmed by registered Users.


CBC automatically collects and stores information about the activity of registered Users and visitors of the CBC website. Such information shall, for example, include a URL from which they originate (whether it is from CBC or not) to which URL was accessed next (whether it is from CBC or not), the browser used and their IPs, the pages visited, searches made, physical and electronic addresses, among others that may be stored and retained.

The User, by signing up on CBC, is aware of and expressly agree that CBC can analyze and store the exchange of electronic messages between users within the community with the main objective to provide security in the community relations and communications.

At any time the User registered on the CBC site may request the permanent deletion of his/her data or cancel his/her registration, except for the maintenance hypotheses provided by law. For more information, read “Access rights, removal and rectification of personal information” below.


CBC is obliged to observe all applicable standards regarding Personal Information security measures. In addition, it clarifies that employs the most advanced industry standards regarding personal information protection, including, among other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (“SSL”). CBC considers its Users data as a valuable asset that must be protected from any loss or unauthorized access. It employs therefore different security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access. Still, it is necessary to consider that absolute security does not exist on the Internet.

CBC is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of systems or databases by unauthorized persons, nor be responsible for the misuse of information obtained by such means.


To provide an excellent service and so that users can perform fast and secure operations, CBC requires certain personal information, including email address. Collecting this information allows us to offer Users services and features that may be better suited to their needs and to customize our services to make their experiences at CBC as satisfying as possible. All the Personal Information we request has the following purposes:

  • Develop internal studies on the Users interests, behaviors and demographics to better understand their needs and interests and offer better services or provide them with adequate information to their profile.
  • Enhance our commercial and promotional initiatives and analyze the pages visited, searches performed by Users to personalize content, its presentation and service.
  • Send messages to our Users about new services, advertising, promotions and banners, news about CBC, besides the information expressly authorized in the preferences section. The User may request to be excluded from the lists to not receive promotional or advertising messages.


Once registered on the site, CBC will not sell, lease or share Personal Information, except as provided in this Privacy Policy. CBC will do everything in its power to protect the Personal Information privacy.

It will not be considered Personal Information and are not therefore subject to confidentiality, information (a) that were already in the public domain at the time they were received, or come to be in the public domain without breaching the obligations assumed herein; (B) which are disclosed to the parties in a non-confidential manner, received from third parties, whose acquisition and development have been fully independently, without breaking any of the obligations hereunder and without any secrecy; or (c) whose disclosure is required by law, regulation or administrative, judicial or arbitration decision.


To access the services reserved only to duly registered Users, they will have a personal password. With it they may buy, sell, offer, among other activities. This password, which is chosen by the USER must be kept strictly confidential and under no circumstances should be disclosed or shared with others.

The User will be responsible for all acts that are carried out with the use of your name and personal password. If for any reason a User suspects that someone may know his/her personal password, he/she should change it by accessing the site navigation menu, My Account, then Settings and right after Personal data.


The User and the CBC website visitor hereby acknowledge and agree that a data collection system may be used through the use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are installed on the hard drive, with a limited time duration, that help to personalize services. Some features will also be offered and will only be available through the use of cookies. Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior and demographics of visitors and Users of the website, and thus, better understand their needs and interests and give them a better service or provide them with related information. The information obtained through the cookies will also be used to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or User, searches performed, improve trade and promotional initiatives, display advertising or promotions, banners of interest, news about CBC, presentation and services; there may also be cookies to promote and enforce the rules and site security. CBC can add cookies in the emails you send to measure the effectiveness of promotions.

The installation, permanence and existence of cookies in the User computer depend on your own volition and can be deleted from your computer when the User wishes. To learn how to remove cookies from system is necessary to review the Contact section of the browser.